How to select an eCommerce Platform for your apparel store?


How to select an eCommerce Platform for your apparel store?

Fashion and apparel industry is one of the booming industries for e-commerce. E-commerce platforms in this industry are growing every day with nuanced features and better accessibility options. There are various advantages of setting up shop online for apparel business owners. It allows me to steer clear of high rentals of brick and mortar shops, while also making their products available to a larger audience. With e-commerce, apparel businesses have been able to make a brand name with minimum investment. Through an e-commerce platform, you can also increase your sales and boost your visibility.

There are various factors to consider while choosing an e-commerce platform for your online apparel store:

  1. Pricing and payment
  2. You have to consider the pricing and packages offered by various e-commerce platforms and judge where you are getting the best value for your money. There are various options available in the market. Make sure to choose a provider or platform that can do justice to your product and market it well. The e-commerce platform should be fair in pricing and should have a transparent pricing system. Make sure to ascertain that there are no hidden costs in the package that would come as a shock to you later after you sign up. Go through the terms and conditions of each package and make a wise decision with whom you would like to opt for as your e-commerce platform.

  3. Mobile responsive:
  4. In today’s mobile generation, every website and web platform needs to be mobile responsive. Most of us browse the internet and access website from our mobile phones. This calls for the e-commerce platform to be mobile responsive. This is a very important feature for any apparel store online. It should provide a seamless shopping experience on web as well as on mobile. The visibility and appearance and mobility on the site should be easy on the mobile platform too. Therefore, the e-commerce platform you choose should provide the option of mobile responsiveness to extract the maximum potential of the e-commerce business.

  5. SEO friendliness:
  6. Your e-commerce provider should provide you SEO friendliness. SEO is search engine optimisation. This helps in guaranteeing you high results on the search engine and increases your visibility on the web. SEO is carried out through keywords and designing of the platform. Your e-commerce provider should provide you a design that is SEO friendly and enhances your chances of getting response from the search engine results. SEO should also be carried out on every content on your e-commerce platform to guarantee that your page appears on the search results page. Therefore, a very integral aspect of selecting an e-commerce platform is evaluating their competency in SEO.

  7. Customer service & support:
  8. The next thing to consider while commencing your online apparel business with an e-commerce platform is that it provides responsive and helpful customer service and support. Your customers should be able to get in touch with you and express their opinions and concerns. A strong customer support network is a must to ensure happy customers in an online business place. The customer service should cater to refunds and exchanges and also help in solving any customer queries related to the product. This will help build a relationship with the customer to ensure continued alliance with your brand. Therefore, customer service and support team should be a priority in choosing an e-commerce platform for your apparel store.

  9. Security
  10. Last, but certainly not the least, security forms an integral part of your e-commerce set up. You must provide a secure platform to your customers wherein their data is protected and their payments are through secure gateways. Security is very crucial while selecting your e-commerce platform. The platform should not misuse your data or the customers’ data and should be transparent and safe to conduct business.


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