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TenjumpRFID powered by Avery Dennison presents a comprehensive range of digital identification technologies designed to verify product lineage, facilitate tracking and inventory management, and enhance immersive consumer experiences. In an era characterized by extensive data and vast information reserves, these digital ID technologies play a crucial role in establishing certainty. They showcase the potential of an interconnected world to become an improved realm, brimming with expanded prospects.

Harnessing a distinctive fusion of material expertise, cutting-edge end-to-end technologies, and a global support capacity, the TenjumpRFID division collaborates with enterprises spanning diverse sectors. From the realms of food, apparel, beauty, aviation, automotive, to pharmaceuticals, we introduce revolutionary advantages by bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms.



Empowered by Tenjump RFID integrated with Avery Dennison’s digital ID technologies, jewelry brands and retailers can deliver exactly what customers crave – a straightforward, hassle-free, and transparent shopping and brand involvement. By implementing RFID in jewelry, retailers are revolutionizing supply chains, validating brand trustworthiness, and immersing their customers in a top-tier consumer experience.


Apparel & Fashion

Using Tenjump RFID, which harnesses Avery Dennison’s digital ID technologies, brands and retailers can provide customers with precisely what they desire: an uncomplicated, user-friendly, and clear shopping and brand interaction. Through the utilization of RFID in clothing, retailers are profoundly enhancing supply chains, verifying brand authenticity, and immersing their customers in an exceptional consumer journey.


With Tenjump RFID, which incorporates Avery Dennison’s digital ID technologies, hospitals and healthcare facilities can offer patients and staff alike precisely what they need – a straightforward, efficient, and transparent healthcare experience. By employing RFID technology within hospital operations, medical institutions are revolutionizing their workflows, ensuring accurate patient identification, and providing a world-class healthcare journey for all stakeholders involved.


The integration of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Digital ID technology is gaining momentum across various sectors. While the retail industry, especially in the apparel sector, has spearheaded numerous initiatives utilizing billions of tags, the adoption of RFID is rapidly extending to diverse domains. These encompass cosmetics and beauty, food production, automated processing, goods distribution, aviation, automotive and industrial manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, as well as logistics and fulfillment. Regardless of the specific sector your business operates in, TenjumpRFID stands as your preferred partner for RFID solutions. Previously seen as a valuable tool primarily for tracking items, pallets, and cases within the supply chain, RFID and Digital ID have evolved to serve inventive purposes, including the launch of consumer engagement applications.

Why is RFID more reliable than barcode?

RFID and barcodes are two commonly employed methods for inventory monitoring. While both serve this purpose, the RFID tag solutions stans out as particularly dependable for valuable items or extensive inventories. This is due to its ability to operate without the need for direct line-of-sight scanning, a requirement seen with barcodes. As a result, human involvement and errors are significantly reduced, leading to notable enhancements in speed and operational efficiency.
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