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How important is SEO for an eCommerce website

In this technically evolved world, we have witnessed many improvements that have made our lives a whole lot easier and the rise of eCommerce is definitely one among them. It is one of the biggest time, money, and energy savers out in the world. 

The low costs involved as compared to traditional stores and the market being incredibly large is the reason for aspiring entrepreneurs to start an eCommerce business. However, only a few know the trick of surviving in this line of business in the long run.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of driving targeted website traffic into the desired website from search engines. It is the process of increasing visibility of a website to users surfing the internet. SEO plays an important role in an eCommerce website’s future.

Here are the reasons why SEO is important for an eCommerce website.

  1. For helping customers find you

Majority of the people who prefer online shopping browse for their desired product in search engines. People tend to search for the needed product on search engines for a better price and to compare the same product from different websites. Consumers often open the top three pages to look up for the product they are intending to buy. Therefore, optimizing the search engine for your website to be in the top three suggestions would do wonders to your business. The traffic attracted to your website will definitely benefit your business by an increase in sales and increase in popularity. Search engines are the most used tools while searching for products to buy online. Therefore, ignoring SEO leads to a downfall in your visibility which will further affect your sales and lower your profit. Why take the risk by ignoring SEO?

  1. A cost-effective way to grow your business

Although marketing is still an effective tool to grow your business, marketing might not be the strongest suit in today’s competitive world. The old school marketing such as the distribution of pamphlets and advertisement hoardings are still expensive methods to advertise your website. SEO can be a savior when finances are tight. It helps to reduce the marketing costs and other overall advertisement costs by remotely attracting the search engine traffic to your website. Prioritize SEO efforts to optimize your website for famous search engines like Google to accumulate the search engine traffic to your website. This is far more effective specially for eCommerce businesses as the entire business is running online and search engines play the most vital role is directing customers to your portal.


  1. Long-term investment

The results delivered by search engine optimization are targeted, cost-effective and long-lasting. SEO doesn’t have a petty life of weeks or months. When compared to paid advertising, SEO is the most efficient way for marketing as the minute you stop paying for paid advertisements, the traffic drops. That is not the case with SEO as it builds upon itself to grow stronger over time. Unlike paid advertising, the traffic of sales and customers won’t drop as soon as you put the brakes on. Most forms of marketing require investment frequently as the effects of marketing reduce over time. With SEO, you don’t have to start with a clean slate every year. In fact, you can layer upon the previous year SEO and improve the optimization instead of starting from 0. In fact SEO betters itself over time with more content added and more keywords generated through multiple searches. This makes your online business more prominent on the search engine pages as the SEO grows stronger over time.

  1. SEO is not an option

It’s a well-known fact about how the internet has changed our lives. The consumer market is no longer the same. Every consumer has a vast knowledge regarding various products and offers. Google is deeply embedded into the day-to-day life of consumers. As a result, SEO has become critical to e-commerce business’ financial results. Marketing is done where the customers are present. As a result of growth in technology, the consumers opt internet in order to meet their needs. SEO helps to do the task of attracting these online surfers and convert them to potential customers. Instead of limiting the growth of your e-commerce website, take your business to the next level with professional SEO. Search engine optimization has the potential to boost your eCommerce website’s sales. SEO is no longer an option in this technological era. SEO is a mandate when it comes to digital marketing. Your online presence will not reap any benefit until you have SEO.

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There are many aspects to an eCommerce website migration. Don’t rush through the process of search engine optimization as each and every step is crucial. Skipping one step may have a catastrophic effect on your business as the investment made will go in vain. It may take a lot of your precious time to optimize the search engine, but it’s worth the sacrifice. SEO will start paying for itself within no time. You just need some patience for it to work like a charm.

TENJUMP is that magic engine that will produce the best fitted SEO content for your eCommerce portal. With TENJUMP, your website will be well optimised to rank in the top rankings of search engines. TENJUMP also makes sure to help your eCommerce business flourish through guidance at every step of your journey. SEO is a part of the many exclusive services provided by TENJUMP for eCommerce business aspirants and owners.

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