A simple solution to fix all the issues: SEO!

Tenjump offers SEO services to help you gain maximum visibility online and drive traffic to your website by putting you at the top of search results!

Your website will not gain traffic if you are not at the top of the search results! There are very few people who even go to the second page of search results while browsing. Therefore, it is important that your website is SEO enabled in order to get you on top of the search results.

SEO is a practice of increasing quantity & quality traffic to your website through organic search engine results.



SEO involves:

Quality of traffic:

It is important that you get potential customers on your website. Just having a lot of visits on your webpage is not going to give you business. Therefore, you need the right people to visit the website. SEO helps in bringing the right audience at your portal to give you results in business enhancement.

Quantity of traffic:

SEO also means that more and more traffic of potential buyers and customers comes to your website. This definitely leads to better business and more conversions.

Organic results:

SEO is effective in getting you the right audience without having to pay for it through paid ads etc. This is called 100% organic traffic generated purely through your optimised platform.

Let’s show a result of google search here trying to show the difference between organic and paid ads.



How does Tenjump help with SEO?

    1. We review your website listing on search results
    2. We review your content & its structure to check for optimisation and uniqueness
    3. Based on our review, we guide you through technical advice on website development (Hosting, Redirects, error pages)
    4. Keyword Research for effective content strategy: we help make your content attractive, engaging and most importantly search-optimised to drive traffic on your website
    5. We also manage and developa variety of online branding campaigns
    6. Both on-site and off-site SEO for maximum results

Why choose Tenjump for SEO?


Tenjump has immense experience with SEO and has landed businesses in top search results within no time. With our expertise, your business will be able to come out of the shadows and genuinely gain digital visibility and better listing on the web.

Relevance To Current Markets:

Tenjump has a team that is continuously growing, adapting, and evolving with changing trends on the web front. Therefore, we bring fresh ideas and latest technological advancements to better your brand’s presence online. We make sure that all our strategies and activities cater to the market requirements of the current trends.

Brand Focussed:

Our foremost priority is YOUR brand and we keep it at the highest pedestal with every digital forefront. We understand your customer base and your product/service to give you the best customised plans for your digital branding. We are completely dedicated to making your brand the focus of every online search in the segment.

Proven Record:

Tenjump has aided many businesses establish their presence online and enhance their digital visibility. We have a track record that we take pride in. We have been successful in making businesses go from barely any income online to 30-40,000 dollars per month from online business.

Certified SEO Specialists:

At Tenjump, you will find certified SEO specialists who are your dream team members in your digital journey. These are craftsmen who are experts in the trade and can give you the best results from your digital marketing campaigns.



Served USA, UK, Australia, Canada:

Tenjump’s legacy is not limited to a specific geographic boundary and we take immense pride in the markets we have captured over the years in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many more countries in the pipeline. Our internationally qualified team has been fruitful in carving a niche in the global market with various international clients and projects. We have also helped businesses take their brand on an international scale by helping them sell and advertise across seas.


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