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5 Tipstoincreasethe ROI of your eCommerce business

Given the huge demand and popularity created by the eCommerce industry, there are more and more businesses going digital and creating their online market spaces. With the booming rise in the eCommerce sector, huge investments are being made to get the maximum return from this arena. Businesses are investing huge lump sums of money to do their eCommerce business right. This has created a need to indulge in the best practices while it comes to your online market place.


According to a recent survey by Adobe, greater than 50% of businesses devote lower than 5% of their marketing budgets on enhancing their campaigns. This becomes even more important when it comes to an eCommerce business. An eCommerce business devotesmore than 90% of the marketing budget to attract visitors to their website. Therefore, it is highly necessary that eCommerce businesses make the most of their money by carrying out these simple practices which can trigger and augment their online presence and their online sales.


Let’s look at some of these tips:

  1. Create Attractive and Luring Content:  Content is the key factor when it comes to anything online. Content creates and drives traffic to your portal and generates leads. The more attractive your content, the more visitors get tempted to come to your site. Therefore, make sure to use the absolute best of content on your online portals which attracts customers and compels them to come to your site and click on the links. Content is the key to larger visibility too. SEO content should be used which makes your page appear higher on the listing of search engines. SEO is the optimisation of content as per the most made searches on the internet. Therefore, the common keywords must be used in order to get your website the maximum visibility for people to land on your online marketplace.
  2. Using best quality images:An eCommerce business runs on the basis of the images they put up for their products and services. Since this is not a tangible market place where goods can be seen or felt, it makes it very important for eCommerce providers to capture the best quality of images to demonstrate the product with most lucidity and attractiveness. Use of HD images and good photoshop skills should be carried out to enhance the images and attract customers to your products.
  3. Build brand awareness:Today, creating brand awareness is the most important thing. The world is pacing rapidly towards newness and development each day. Branding is what helps businesses stay in the front line and maintain the customer interest. Branding is as important as selling in today’s competitive world. When it comes to eCommerce industry as well, branding is key to creating awareness, building the brand image and increasing the visibility of the brand. Every eCommerce business should devote the right amount of funds and strategy to build their branding campaigns most effectively. With eCommerce there are various options for targeted branding too. You can collect customer data and create brand campaigns targeted to each segment. This will enhance the effectiveness of the branding strategy. Your branding and marketing activities should include email campaigns too. With eCommerce market places, businesses get a huge database of customer email ids and can create custom emails and send to customers. This increases their popularity and makes the customer feel important and loved. This always makes the consumer more likely to visit your site and take action.
  4. 24 hours customer care and complaint redressal forum:Any business runs on good will and customer satisfaction. Therefore, eCommerce industries too must make it a point to invest in proactive customer services to gain feedback and address any concerns and complaints of the consumers. This will allow the customer to interact with the business and help the business in improving their services and gaining customer trust.  Because eCommerce industry is a virtual marketplace, there are more chances of customers being dissatisfied with the product and wanting to return or exchange the product with the processing of refunds. Therefore, with customer services, such problems can be tackled proactively and proficiently. The customer also feels satisfied and it makes their online shopping experience more comfortable and convenient.  
  5. Creating clear refund, exchange and return policies:  In an eCommerce business, the likelihood of customers wanting to return the product increases by a large amount. Because there is no real time touch and feel for goods, customers purchase the product purely on the basis of product description and images. Thus, there are many times when the customer would like to return the product and process a refund. Your e-commerce business should make effective strategies to process such requests. You should have a strict policy about returning and exchanging of any purchased goods. This should be made clear to the consumer before placing their order online. The return and refund policy should allow the consumer to book such a request easily from their end. You should have a strong team dedicated to such concerns. This will help your business run smoothly and keep your traffic going. Returning and Refunding allowance will help generate positive thinking in your audience and will do away with their ambiguity, giving them confidence in your brand.
CONCLUSION: These are some important tips when it comes to making the most of your eCommerce business. TenJump eCommerce marketing agency in Hyderabad provides all these services and more. With TenJump, your eCommerce business can take a boost and all your worries about online traffic and online visibility can be answered easily. TenJump allows customers to sit back while they ease your eCommerce business functionality to make every process smooth and convenient. Tenjump helps your eCommerce business rise higher in the online market and helps you create an exclusive image of your eCommerce brand digitally and physically. TenJump offers a variety of services targeted to eCommerce industry: from creating your eCommerce website to helping with the branding, customer support services and managing feedback effectively. TenJump is an all-in-one forum for eCommerce business to get their best ROI from their business.   VISIT TENJUMP TODAY TO ACCELERATE YOUR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS!

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